Paradox Sports

Helping the adaptive community defy convention through climbing

Paradox Sports provides a diverse, inclusive community to help individuals with spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, amputations and limb differences, PTSD, neurological conditions, visual impairment, chronic pain, hearing impairments access the wild places, athletic accomplishment, and personal growth that comes with climbing. 

We envision a world where inclusion, diversity and equity are the norm and underrepresented groups have equal access to climbing and a voice within the larger outdoor community,” says Executive Director Dave Elmore. “We understand the transformative power of the outdoors and believe climbing and inclusion is a powerful vehicle for forging communities, enhancing well-being, and creating empowered individuals.”  

Paradox Sports’ Work

Paradox fulfills its mission to make climbing more accessible to more people through three distinct program elements: 

  • National Trips provide increased access to rock and ice climbing experiences in amazing climbing locations like Yosemite, Ouray, the Gunks, Shelf Rd., the Tetons, and North Conway.
  • Local Skills Clinics offer guided rock climbing instruction to move adaptive athletes from mere participants to content experts capable of spreading the sport and growing the climbing community.
  • Adaptive Climbing Initiative (ACI) Trainings are designed to train climbing facilities and facilitators across the country so they can in turn build their own local adaptive climbing programs. These ACI trainings increase national access, diversify the climbing community, and support increased equity and inclusiveness.

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