Grow Cycling

Promoting education, access, and opportunities that increase diversity, inclusion, and belonging in cycling

Grow Cycling Foundation was established in the aftermath of the George Floyd protests, when it became apparent to the founders that cycling suffered from the widespread issues of exclusivity and racism that exist across our culture. Grow Cycling Foundation provides community-based solutions to grow authentic foundations of diversity from within, aiming to create sustainable paths for cycling as a lifelong passion. The organization’s four pillars of access, education, community, and opportunity feed into each other, creating solutions that provide entry points at each step of a cyclist’s journey. With ears on the ground in these communities, Grow Cycling is expanding in North America and beyond, because this is a global problem.

Navigating huge government bureaucracy, a pandemic, and a community with no cycling, we are proud to be the first organization to build the very first pumptrack in Los Angeles,” says President Joi Jackson. “Our ultimate goal is to have every school and every grade in the entire school district engaging in cycling education programs that interact with Grow’s pumptrack and outdoor programs within 3 years.”

Grow Cycling’s Work

Grow Cycling partners with UCLA for onsite community engagement data collection and analysis. Starting in the community of Inglewood, California, which has been historically underserved in terms of cycling infrastructure, access, and participation, Grow Cycling is and will: 

  • Grow participation at its new pumptrack to 150,000 in its first year of operation.
  • Lobby lawmakers to rescind the bicycle ban in the largest public park in the South Bay area of Los Angeles 
  • Lobby Caltrans to provide one oversized bike access car on a new public transportation subway line to accommodate almost 50,000 additional cyclists from diverse neighborhoods, especially those too young to drive, so that new cyclists can travel safely to and from the Grow Cycling Pumptrack. 
  • Quantitatively measure success by facilitating cycling education and equipment in eight California middle schools by June 2023. 

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