Earth Guardians

Training and empowering youth to be effective leaders at the intersection of the environment and climate justice movements

Earth Guardians aims to address the injustices in the environmental movement by empowering youth in local communities throughout the world. Through both in-person and virtual training, Earth Guardians leads workshops on youth leadership, public speaking, and more. 

Donations to Earth Guardians support Youth Leadership Training, including bi-annual leadership summits. “Trainings provide a rich space for our engaged climate justice youth activists to learn and accelerate the grassroots work that they do in their communities,” says Executive Director, Catherine Mongella. “We’ve found that much of the time, youth activists learn the ropes with their activism out of necessity, without receiving formal training or guidance. Our Youth Leadership Training gives them formal training, mentorship, and guidance. It up-levels their effectiveness as youth leaders in the climate and environmental justice movements.”

Earth Guardians’ Work

In 2021, Earth Guardians grew to 400 crews in over 70 countries. Crews are youth-led, inter-generational groups of leaders, working on issues directly impacting local communities. Through resource guides and lesson plans, the Earth Guardians team educates young people about topics including permaculture, disinvestment in fossil fuels, community organizing, home and school environmental audits, legal activism, civic engagement, and more.  

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